A long time ago….

It’s been a very long hiatus, I know. I took some time off to finish my degree and then.. well, then just not doing anything became a sort of habit.

But I’m back, geeklings!!! Pros On Cons will be going, full-swing this year and I’ll be revisiting my “geek girls go gaming” series, starting with ‘those kids in the park on Sundays’. You’ve all seen them, right? It’s called Dur Demarion and I’ve already scoped it out.


If you’ve been thinking about going out, now’s the time! The weather is turning towards spring, the flowers are blooming, and the foam is swinging!

The season opener would be a great time to wet your toes and get started with these awesome, friendly folks. Check it out via the Facebook event: Here

Or join them on Meetup: Here

Also coming up fast, we will be attending MTAC 15 to life on Easter weekend.


A weekend which also marks the opening event of Al’se’war, High Fantasy Colonial LARP,  with the Non-profit organization, Heroic Interactive Theater.

We’ve also been invited out to Catan Con, hosted by Mayfair games, which has our gaming hearts all a-flutter!


And don’t forget about Marble City Comicon (Never forget Marble City!) at the end of April.

marble city

Okay, that’s a quick run-down of a few things we’ll be covering in the coming weeks. I hope we see you all soon!

About Nashville Geek Girl

I wear my Geek hat proudly. And it gives me +4 to INT.

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