Heroic Interactive Theater

311692_10200567359118967_365498116_n      Heroic Interactive Theater is a Live Action Roll Playing game, LARP for short. In a LARP game, players get together, dress, interact with each other as well as NPCs (non-player-characters), battle monsters, and basically have an epic time, all in character.

      There are currently two chapters of H.I.T. running in Tennessee, since the Middle Tennessee chapter has taken the year off. I was able to sit down with the chapter director of the Fading Moons chapter, Justin Roman, and pick his brain about this amazing game. As a table-top gamer, I wanted to understand the difference in game play and specs as well as just get an over-all feel for the game.

Fading Moons meets at the Harrison Bay State Park in Chattanooga for their weekend-long events. They offer new player discounts, military discounts, or you can play an NPC and just get a hang of the atmosphere for no charge. You even earn ‘heroic points’ for helping out. Heroic points can be used to buy experience,  lower your chances of character death, and a few other perks (besides just being awesome and helping out).


I don’t THINK the squirrel is a player, but I could be wrong

Heroic is a hit point based game, but instead of rolling dice your damage is based on your stats or spells. As you hit, or I should say TAP someone with your foam battle-axe, you would call out the damage and what type. H.I.T. runs on an honor based system, so your opponent would keep track of their own hit points and know when to take a knee, so to speak.

Speaking of opponents! The monsters you encounter in this LARP game are going to be as close to a physical representation (Phys-rep) as they can get. Here Justin and I talk monsters and even a Dragon!


Press for dragons!

Fading Moons is Newbie friendly, the story tellers come up with interesting and fun quests for new characters to be a part of the larger story arc. Combat is touch-based, so you shouldn’t leave with bruises unless, like me, you’re just simply clumsy and find random ways to hurt yourself.577639_10200567344798609_331160940_n

Experience, leveling, skills and spells work very similar to D&D or Riffs. Players earn experience per game day or encounter and spend those points to purchase weapon proficiencies, spells, and skills. Spells work on a fun little system where-in the caster speaks their spell, in the incantation of which is the amount of either healing or damage that the spell does, and promptly tosses a fabric bag of bird seed. If the bag hits you, the spell hit.

Justin was gearing up for a Fading Moons event the weekend I spoke with him and we both got pretty excited. Click the pic to see the interview.


Click it!

By the time you’re reading this, that event will have passed, but there is another chance for all of us on May 17-19, back at Harrison Bay State Park. You should get in touch with them and sign up! There’s a new-player discount, or you could go in as an NPC for free, get a feel for the game and earn those hero points!

Heroic global cite




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